Q: I am trying to add a feed. I copy the address of the Web site and it doesn't work.
A: You must not add the URL of a Web page. You must specify the URL of a feed with a "RSS", "Atom" or "RDF" type. Most of the Web sites call these sources "feeds" or "syndication". You can also find small orange images with the text "XML" pointing on such feeds. Alternatively, you can also find feeds with the search tool (magnifying glass) in News Interceptor 3.
Q: Why do I get the following news in one of my source: "Feed Format Is Not Supported"?
A: This message means that the source is not in a correct feed format. Some sites use custom formats that can?t be read by RSS readers. When seeing this message, you might want to remove this source from News Interceptor. You can also check on the source?s site to see if a correct feed is available. Furthermore, you can contact us or the Webmaster of the site.
Q: Why do I get the following news in one of my source: "Problem Accessing This Feed"?
A: This message means that the server was unable to parse the source correctly. Many reasons might cause this: the source site is currently unreachable or the source file is having errors in it. Usually, this message can happen a couple of times for a specific source. If you are having way too much of these messages, remove the feed from News Interceptor and contact us with this matter.